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Model Build

Help me build a financial model. We’re world leaders in building financial models.

Our financial modelling team have experience of building models in a broad range of sectors and understands the wider commercial assumptions that underpin your models.

We rigorously apply the FAST Standard to all our modelling. The FAST Standard is the most widely adopted independent financial modelling standard in use today.

Help me build a financial model.

We have the strength and depth of expertise to achieve rapid and robust model development. We can draw upon a pool of over 40 modelling professionals to support your financial modelling requirements.

Model Build

Help me build a financial model

The purpose of the model is to generate the management insights that support better commercial decision making. Think of it as a controlled environment in which to test business hypotheses. Ineffective and inefficient modelling means that too much time is used in building and updating the spreadsheet.

Your commercial insights plus our highly efficient standardised modelling leads to more time for analysis, which leads to better commercial insight.

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Standards Matter

How to standardise modelling

F1F9 is a company devoted to financial modelling standards, so we don’t just build good models, we build good, standardised models.

Our modelling team can help you to develop, build and rebuild models to an internationally recognised standard that will dramatically increase your efficiency, speed, inter-operability and communication—thereby helping to reduce the significant risks associated with this discipline.

Our ebook covers some of the basic steps that you can take to begin the critical journey of standardising your model building.

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