Financial statement modelling
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Financial Statement Modelling is a course for people who need to build, modify, or run financial models. It teaches the core financial model design and construction techniques that every modeller should know.

Project Finance Modelling Training
Book Now from £595 Online/ £1,900 In-Person/

Project Finance Modelling is a course that will teach you how to build a financial model to evaluate equity returns and secure non-recourse debt (known as project finance).

FAST Fundamentals
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This online course is designed for people who have just completed the "31 days to better financial modelling" course. It is the next step on the journey to mastering a rigorous, structured and transparent approach to modelling in Excel using the FAST Standard.

VBA - what the FAST modeller needs to know
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This course is an introduction to VBA that leads to the design and construction of two commonly used macros.

Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling
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We’ve designed Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling for those who want to get into the detail of how best to use Excel in designing and constructing financial models using the FAST Standard.

31 days to better financial modelling
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In around 10 minutes per day for 1 month, this free online financial modelling course will teach you the basics of the fast modelling standard, and some practical and highly effective new modelling skills.

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