31 days continued: Cool F11 quick chart trick

You already know how cool the F11 quick chart is right? In this 2 minute tutorial we show how to make it even more useful by quickly and easily adding additional line items to the chart. It’s actually really cool (in a geeky modelling way of course!)

Day 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Course In today’s tutorial we set the scene for the rest of the course by outlining our assumptions. We just want you to be sure that this course is for you before you spend any time on it. Enjoy today‚Äôs lesson!

Day 10: Inputs

When building a financial model, it’s tempting to start with the inputs and work forward from there. Today we’ll discuss why that’s the wrong place to start.

Day 14: Human Error Research

It’s time for something different. Today we have an interview with Ray Panko – a specialist in the study of “human error”. Please note that today’s material is audio only.

Day 15: Calculation Blocks

Over the last few days we’ve understood more about the source of errors in models. Now we show you how to approach modelling differently to increase transparency and reduce errors. You’ll also learn a new technical term – “financial model rage”.

Day 17: Daisy Chains

Today we’re going to ask the question – is it OK to link to an existing link? Or should we always link back to the source ingredient. It’s a critical distinction.

Day 19: Assignment Revisited

Remember that awful calculation we made you look at for your home assignment a few days ago? Today we look at it again – this time in a FAST layout to see if it’s easier to read.