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With a background in business education and financial advisory work, Andrew leads financial modelling training at F1F9. He has been with F1F9 since 2013.

5 reasons to invest time in your basic Excel skills

I meet lots of people on F1F9 training courses who are looking to improve their financial modelling skills. Some have excellent knowledge and abilities when it comes to operating Excel: it is obvious that they have put in the practice. Others struggle. There are plenty of other skills-based activities in life where time spent acquiring the basics can open up endless possibilities – so here are five reasons why you should invest time in your basic Excel skills.

6 skills every financial modeller should have

It’s frustrating to struggle at something only to discover that, after much hard work, there was an easier way.  That’s why people seek out formal training courses in financial modelling. I frequently hear comments like: “I wish I’d done this course years ago” or “You do not know how much time and effort you will save me – and how much […]

Business Analysis Lifecycle ebook: Conceptual Modelling

We have taught analysts from hundreds of companies to build financial models. Financial modelling proficiency requires skills that take time to acquire, develop and perfect. Sometimes the difficulties students have are related to how to build their model. More often, difficulties relate to what it is they need to model. Then, once the modeller understands […]

F1F9 financial modelling courses now live and online

Our tutor-led distance learning courses are typically delivered over 12 one-hour live, interactive sessions. We timetable them over a number of days to give you time to absorb and revisit the tutorials, undertake assignments and consume targeted video content. Your tutor teaches you as part of a small group during the live online tutorials and […]

Getting back to the classroom

It’s with a sense of delight, relief and excitement that we announce that we’re running in-person courses again this year. A reminder: in-person courses means you get to: travel to a venue; meet an instructor and other course participants in real life; compare notes over coffee and lunch; and enjoy an intensive, immersive learning experience […]

Live Online Financial Modelling Training: Five Things I’ve Learned

The suspension of world travel for a seasoned financial modelling instructor is a shock to the system. For nearly eight years I’ve been teaching in all five continents: from Belgium to Brisbane. But I’m not waiting for the world to go back to normal (whatever normal means). And that’s because teaching financial modelling live online […]