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Shivangi has worked as a Financial Modeller since March 2015 and has experience of working on a variety of projects. She is now a part of the training operations team and helps resolve the queries of delegates. She is also a Teaching Assistant for F1F9's financial modelling courses.

Monitor parts of your Excel workbook without leaving your current view

How do I know what is going on in my kitchen when I am upstairs in my bedroom? If that’s a question that is a concern to you, then you might have considered some sort of surveillance device. A web cam, perhaps. Such a device exists in Excel – designed to answer the question: “how […]

Why do some careers skyrocket, while others flat line?

Guest blog post from Steven O’Neill As someone working in the area of talent acquisition for finance professionals, I often ask myself why is it that some candidates’ careers skyrocket while others seem to flat line. It’s a question of which there are many possible answers. A person’s interest in work, suitability, luck, contacts and […]