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Mark is an experienced finance professional, with 20+ years of experience providing commercial bid support and procurement advice to private and public sector clients respectively in the development or acquisition of a diverse range of infrastructure projects.

Simplifying renewable energy models

While the news often paints a gloomy picture – the Amazon is burning and Germany is struggling to make the economic and social transition away from brown coal – there are plenty of reasons to cheer when one reads the degree to which renewables are providing ever more of world’s energy.
This year, the UK has seen weeks where coal has played no part in the energy supply for the first time since 1882.

In my eyes there’s an inherent beauty in renewables projects, a beauty drawn from their simplicity – the sun shines; the wind blows and from that we get energy. Conversely, we’ve come across financial models underpinning such projects whose complexity defies the very simplicity of what they are seeking to quantify. Read more…