Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling

Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling


Andrew Berkley


17 Mar 2017




We are pleased to announce our forthcoming online ‘Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling’ – which will be released on 29th March 2017.

It has been designed for people that do not necessarily want to follow an online course from start to finish but who would rather dip in and out of an expanding bank of resources.

It is for people who want to spend an hour or so here and there checking on things of interest.

It is for people who want to answer the question “I wonder how FAST modellers cope with…[insert your topic here]”.

So here’s the deal. We have put lots of good stuff already in the encyclopedia. There is a handy list here. In Excel of course.

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We plan to add to it. Every time we launch a new online course, we think we will have new content to add to the encyclopedia.

What’s more, we take requests. If there is a topic that is not yet covered and it is something that we do in F1F9, then we will add it to the list.

What’s in?

Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling includes videos focused on:

– commonly used and useful standard Excel keyboard shortcuts

– F1F9’s keyboard shortcut macros

– key clauses in the FAST Standard

– modelling and model review productivity

– more complex Excel functions and their application

– frequently encountered financial and commercial topics

We expect a lot of content in the encyclopedia to appear as reminder videos in our more advanced courses. So you get a window on the core skills, knowledge and modelling philosophy that underpin the entire portfolio of our online courses.

What’s out?

Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling excludes:

– Case studies and videos relating to case studies; and

– Self-assessment tests

You will find plenty of case studies and self-assessment tests in our more advanced online courses.

What’s the price?

There is a one-off fee to pay in order to get continued access to Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling. And since we plan to add new content to the encyclopedia on a regular basis, the price will nudge up every time we add something.

So to take advantage of the best price we recommend that you purchase at the start of the encyclopedia’s life.

Our launch price is 49 GBP – but if you are reading this some time after March 2017, we recommend you check the latest price.

Andrew Berkley
Andrew Berkley
With a background in business education and financial advisory work, Andrew leads the senior team at F1F9. He has been with F1F9 since 2013.