Effective Modelling Framework

New ebook: Managing Modelling

The article below is taken from our new ebook: Managing Modelling - How to run an effective modelling team - you can download the full ebook here. Modelling should be a collaborative team-based activity, not an individual activity. Building team spirit and a collaborative environment is...
Agile Financial Modelling EBook

Agile Financial Modelling in 30 seconds

Building financial models is an inherently difficult and complex task. Most guidance on managing the model build process recommends a traditional life-cycle approach of Specify, Design, Develop, Test, Deploy. When applied to most financial modelling assignments this approach doesn’t...
Why do some careers skyrocket, while others flat line?

Why do some careers skyrocket, while others flat line?

Guest blog post from Steven O'Neill As someone working in the area of talent acquisition for finance professionals, I often ask myself why is it that some candidates’ careers skyrocket while others seem to flat line. It’s a question of which there are many possible answers. A person’s...
Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling

Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling

We are pleased to announce our forthcoming online 'Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling' - which will be released on 29th March 2017. It has been designed for people that do not necessarily want to follow an online course from start to finish but who would rather dip in and out of an expanding bank of...
What the FAST modeller needs to know

VBA: what the FAST modeller needs to know

We are pleased to launch a new online course. It is called VBA: what the FAST modeller needs to know. Need to know only There is a lot to learn about macros, Visual Basic for Applications ("VBA") and programming in Excel, but if you are building financial models using the FAST Standard then what...