VBA: what the FAST modeller needs to know

What the FAST modeller needs to know


Andrew Berkley


08 Mar 2017




We are pleased to launch a new online course. It is called VBA: what the FAST modeller needs to know.

Need to know only

There is a lot to learn about macros, Visual Basic for Applications (“VBA”) and programming in Excel, but if you are building financial models using the FAST Standard then what do you need to know?

We think the answer is: a small number of carefully chosen techniques. That’s because the philosophy behind modelling with the FAST Standard is to work with complex techniques as a last resort – and then with great care.

There are plenty of financial models that rely on iterative processes in order to derive an answer. Regular reporting models that need to be updated for this month’s actuals, for example. Or a funding model that is subject to the rigours of model optimisation.

It is useful to have a basic understanding of VBA. And carefully designed and constructed macros can very helpful in converting mechanical and repetitive processes into something that can be completed quickly and with little user effort.

Defence against the dark arts

Macros are immensely powerful and can be a force for good. They also, by their nature, lack transparency, encourage complexity and are difficult for the casual observer to review. These combined characteristics cause some to describe VBA and macros as “the dark arts”.

And that is even before poorly designed and constructed macros start misbehaving and generating errors.

The FAST modeller needs to be prepared if macros and VBA are to be welcomed, understood and properly evaluated. “VBA: what the FAST Modeller needs to know” is a short and concentrated course designed to help the FAST modeller in their preparations.

The price is 49 GBP.

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The FAST Modeller

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Andrew Berkley
Andrew Berkley
With a background in business education and financial advisory work, Andrew leads the senior team at F1F9. He has been with F1F9 since 2013.