Where the @%*$ is the model?



Kenny Whitelaw-Jones


17 May 2013




Judging by the feedback on our recent Agile Financial Modelling ebook, it seems lots of you have had similar experiences, and developed similar approaches.

One email in particular made me laugh and so I asked permission to share it:

“Dear Kenny,

I took a look at your financial modelling booklet.

Your comment relating to the ‘traditional life-cycle’ of building financial models made me smile. That is true as true can be.

It reminded me of my time at [INSERT NAME OF LARGE ACCOUNTING FIRM] and one particularly case where an Associate Director chap managed to burn a good part of the client’s modelling budget (and time) in drafting a pretty comprehensive scoping document.

It was welcomed by client FD with: ‘Where the @%*$ is the model or any draft of it? You can stick that damn document in your @%£$’.

That’s the spirit.”


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Kenny Whitelaw-Jones
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