Excel’s availability and ease-of-use is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, it is sensible and productive to make use of software that is designed with the non-specialist in mind.  On the other hand, the vast majority of Excel users have had little formal training and risk developing spreadsheets that are poorly designed, poorly constructed and […]

Custom courses for your team

 Why use us to train your team? Key benefits of in-house training with F1F9We will work with you to deliver engaging, interactive training that will equip your team with the knowledge and confidence to build, adapt and work with the financial models that are crucial to your business. An in-house financial modelling course will include:Tailored […]

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Data Analysis

Good quality data is one of the key foundations on which useful analysis is based. Excel is used in an almost infinite number of ways by organisations across the globe to develop spreadsheet models that support analysis and decision making. Often the consistency and completeness of that data requires serious review and validation before it […]

Enterprise Reporting Model

We offer a bespoke reporting tool in Excel with the ability to record and amend actuals, produce driver based automated forecasts, and combine and report them in any desired format. Our models are: Highly flexible and can endlessly change and adapt with the company Very quick and easy to update, analyse and report Multi company […]

Error Checks

Get a second opinion about a models integrity. Finding errors in models is painstaking, time-consuming work. Sometimes an independent view is needed to give you confidence in an important model. Reasons for a model needing to be checked can vary: • Created by an unknown person or business. • Giving results that do not make […]

Financial model build for the US renewable energy industry

MODEL BUILD FOR THE US RENEWABLES INDUSTRY Our models are used by developers, banks, advisors, private equity funds, and utilities looking to develop, acquire, and sell utility scale and distributed generation renewable energy projects.Development and M&A for solar and wind is risky enough. Why leave money on the table by negotiating off a financial model you […]

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Fix Broken Models (Non-FAST)

Models built with no standard in mind may be poor or they may be excellent. There is no guarantee until an informed opinion is reached. We work with clients in reviewing spreadsheets that do not follow the FAST standard and we help them decide the best course of action: continue to maintain a non-standardised model […]

Increase Capacity

Cost effective analyst support available whenever you need it. From small businesses to the world’s biggest accounting firms & corporations, we provide back-office modelling support that allows you to focus on your core business. • You focus on the transaction, we take care of the modelling • Transaction modelling is “lumpy”; get additional support when […]