Data Analysis

Good quality data is one of the key foundations on which useful analysis is based. Excel is used in an almost infinite number of ways by organisations across the globe to develop spreadsheet models that support analysis and decision making. Often the consistency and completeness of that data requires serious review and validation before it can be classified as ready to be analysed. Once established it’s important that the spreadsheet then handles and processes that data in a consistent and well-structured manner to meet the objectives of the required analysis.

At F1F9 we have handled data sets of many differing sizes from resource planning, CRM, ERP, survey responses and other operational databases, and engineered them into transparent and helpful analysis for our clients. The data follows a very simple process. Data dump – Cleanse – Validate – Input – Calculate – Report. Sounds simple but it takes real expertise to build something that confidently delivers the benefits that clients want and visualises the results in a way that can be understood easily.

The majority of Data analysis projects are unique and clients are continuing to present us with new challenges in this area. If Data Analysis is causing a headache in your business we’d love to discuss how we can help.