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We created this example to demonstrate our approach to building financial models.

We think models built this way are easy to read and review, and straightforward to

operate and amend.

The example model illustrates best practice using 2 key points of reference (you can find links to both these resources below):

ICAEW's modelling code
The FAST Standard

The file is a cut-down version of the model we use for our advanced training courses, and the starting point for client model build projects. 

It has the core elements of a project finance development model and can be built back up to include all the items you need to satisfy lenders, investors and other stakeholders. 

The Guide sheet will walk you through the model's structure, and we've included a Scope sheet with a summary of all the functionalities included in the model (with the scope for training and client project models given in comparison).

If you'd like to roll up your sleeves and get into the model, you can participate in our modelling challenge: you'll find the details below.

We can train you to build a complete version of a model like this one, or we can build it for you. If you'd like to find out more I'd be happy to explore the options with you. You can contact me by email, or call me on +44 7977 561 507.



About the challenge

As you go through the model, you’ll notice that a very important calculation is missing: we removed the shareholder return calculation.

The challenge is to build in a nominal post-tax shareholder return.
It needs to be accurate, and it needs to follow modelling best practice.

You should create the calculation in the position indicated on the analysis sheet.
We’re looking for a single per annum return based on the shareholder’s
investments (being the equity injections) and the returns (being dividends and
the repayments of equity).

Click below to receive details of how to submit your model, and to receive an invite to the webinar John will present to go through the solution. The webinar will be held on Monday 6 June at 2pm BST (a recording will be made available for those who can't make the live session). 

ICAEW's financial modelling code

The FAST Standard