Financial Statement Modelling

FAST Financial Statement Modelling will give you the essential model construction and design skills you need.

It enables you to apply them to the complexities that arise from a case study – in this instance the acquisition of a concession to run an airport over a 30 year period.

The financial statements – income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement – form the core content around which the course fits. In addition, you will cover valuation techniques, sensitivities and scenario managers.

On completing the course and its assessments, you will be in a position to start building models that are FAST compliant and meet all the requirements of a financial statement forecast model.
We are offering new customers both versions of the course for a limited time.

The benefits of the new FAST Financial Statement Modelling online course are:

  • shorter videos, so it’s obvious where to find topics of interest;
  • more content – including quick reminders of basic FAST techniques and commercial insight and analysis videos;
  • layered learning, giving you more confidence as to what to skip and what to linger on; and
  • a dedicated discussion forum for each course

Try a module on this page. You may also watch one of the tutorial videos and download the Excel file