Financial Statement Modelling Course

What is this course?

Financial Statement Modelling teaches the core financial model design and construction techniques that every professional should know. This intensive course is designed for those working with financial models in the corporate, business modelling, banking, treasury, financial advisory, government and infrastructure sectors.

In-person participants will receive post-course access to the online version of the course. Online access and post-course support is ongoing.

What will you learn?

We will work closely with you, sharing insights and putting into practice core financial modelling techniques as you model a case study based on a business acquisition.

You will learn to create the step-by-step calculations required to forecast the three primary financial statements — income, balance sheet, and cash flow. More advanced topics will include a valuation of the equity in the case study company (based upon the present value of forecast dividends).

Participants can expect detailed instruction and hands-on practice with a focus on developing and working with a financial model that they have built from scratch.

Post-course, you will receive full and ongoing access to the online version of the course as well as online support from our team of modelling experts.

Who should attend?

Financial Statement Modelling is designed for professionals who need to build, modify or run financial models.

For those with limited experience, the course is an excellent introduction to real world financial modelling. Experienced modellers find the quality and productivity of their modelling improves through the introduction of a standardised approach to model design and construction.

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11 - 12 November 2019
In Person
2 days
Omar Shaker
£1,900 £1,395

Course agenda

Day 1
  • Recap of preparatory material. Operating costs.
  • Operating revenues — using prices, flags, indexation factors and volume drivers; conceptual modelling vs. spreadsheet engineering.
  • Income statement and cash flow statement: placeholders; tracking cash and earnings balances.
Day 2
  • Sign conventions; working capital.
  • Non-current assets and depreciation; share capital; all equity financing.
  • Dividends; discounted cash flow valuation; equity internal rate of return.
  • Senior debt — gearing; debt principal repayment profiles and scenario selection; calculation of interest; impact on equity valuation.
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Our clients

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I use my new found skills on a daily basis and can’t speak highly enough of the course and what it has given myself and my colleague. It has changed how we do all of our modelling in the company and has received really positive feedback from everyone that has used the model or reviewed the model.
Sally Brierley, Financial Modeller, FCC Environment
We were stunned at the difference that a standardised approach made. Our new Excel models can provide information that just isn’t accessible through an ERP.
Philip Whittingham COO (and former FD), Virgin Trains
The course was great. I learned so much and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to using it in my own work. I would be very happy to recommend the course.
Eric Eastlund, Head of Analytics, SCIO Capital
From start to finish the team were very professional and demonstrated considerable experience in what they were doing. The end result is an exceptionally powerful tool, which is straightforward to use, and now forms the backbone to our forecasting process. I would have no hesitation in recommending F1F9.
Douglas McArthur, CA Group FD, Asset Alliance
[The instructor] was enthusiastic about the material and the course itself which created good engagement in class. I particularly liked the fact that we were consistently taking part in the course, rather than being "taught" we were facilitated.
Andrew Dias, Finance Business Partner, Stansted Airport
The Enterprise model is great value for money. We compared it to the other standard reporting systems available such as Sage and Oracle but the F1F9 solution was much cheaper and also gave us the flexibility to change the way we report our business as it grows and develops. It has halved the time our month end reporting process takes. We started out wanting a model for budgeting purposes only but when we saw what the model could do we decided to use it for actuals reporting as well as our rolling forecasts.
Charles Carolan, Senior Financial Analyst, Skrill
[The instructor] was absolutely excellent. Everything was extremely clear, the pace of the class was spot on. I thought I would come away being slightly better at reading models but actually now I would feel completely confident starting my own.
Emma Paterson,  SSE/ Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited 
The team at F1F9 were responsive, hardworking and helped us upgrade our model to be fit for purpose post acquisition. F1F9 took the time to understand our needs early in the process, met deadlines and were professional in their approach.
Investment Manager, UK Private Equity House
Thanks for the excellent academy which has so boosted my own modest modeling skills. F1F9's strong customer service culture is a big help.
Geoffrey Finch, Resident Adviser for Infrastructure Finance for the US Treasury Office of Technical Assistance - Government of Paraguay, Ministry of Finance
I particularly liked the setup of the online training, and the portions provided in each section. The ability to go back and review and exercise with the models after each training and even after a few training provided an excellent opportunity to really 'learn' the skills. The setup allowed for my own pace of learning and the time I was able to dedicate besides work to complete the training. I highly recommended the training to colleagues.
Hartmut Weissmann
Very useful tips and tricks, certainly helped me a lot in understanding and 'simplifying' the enormous models. Thank you very much!
Julie de Bock, Senior Advisory / Corporate Finance, BDO

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