Are spreadsheets killing your finance function?

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Andrew Berkley


06 Jan 2015




I’ve worked in and led finance functions for well over a decade now and have delivered financial reporting and analysis projects across a broad range of industries.

I have also encountered a fair number of the related challenges along the way such as:

• Intercompany Chaos – Differences that are so significant you wonder whether the counterparties have ever heard of each other

• Cash is the Balancing Number – A genuine example which I will never forget. I thought I had died and woken up in some dystopian, alternate reality.

• and the classic CCB – Consolidated Cash flow Black hole, the unknown movement in “other creditors” that everyone’s ignoring.

The solution to which has often been to work harder rather than smarter.

I joined F1F9 with a pretty broad understanding of the different types of problems that can arise from spreadsheets in reporting and analysis environments.

The F1F9 approach (using the FAST Standard) is so simple and so effective that I found myself questioning why nothing like this had happened earlier.

I liked it so much I bought joined the company.

The pain I experienced working within a finance function inspired me to write our latest ebook “10 signs that spreadsheets are killing your finance function” – thinking of all the problems and pains that people experience as a result of using spreadsheets, I assigned ailments and illnesses to common problems that we have all experienced.

The symptoms are very tongue-in-cheek and designed to create a little humour, but the remedies will help you understand that others have been through this and that there are ways of working with spreadsheets that don’t involve the levels of distress highlighted in the ebook.

Hopefully you’ll download and enjoy the ebook – keep in mind that you don’t have to brave these problems alone, that we are experts in dealing with the kind of issues described and there is little we haven’t seen and dealt with before.

Andrew Berkley
With a background in business education and financial advisory work, Andrew leads financial modelling training at F1F9. He has been with F1F9 since 2013.