Excel Proficiency Skills

Join thousands of people who use our Excel Proficiency Skills online course to help them prepare for an F1F9 classroom course.

You will learn what it means to be a proficient Excel user. This includes:

– developing your competence in the basic tools available to you;
– minimising your use of the mouse (to maximise productivity);
– choosing which Excel tools to use with deliberation and careful forethought;
– building up your muscle memory; and
– achieving what you want to do with an economy of movement and sense of purpose.

Use our 16 short videos to help you practise your skills as you work towards being a fluent Excel user. A fluent Excel user can work with Excel while having a conversation or watching the television.

A fluent Excel user can operate Excel without really thinking about it.

Need more convincing? This short video introduces the course. Sign up for the whole course to take your basic Excel skills to the next level.