Model Construction Skills

Join thousands of people who use our Model Construction Skills online course to help them prepare for a live F1F9 course. You will learn the basic principles of how to put a best practice financial model together. This includes:

  • learning why spaces in formulas are important and how best to work with cell reference anchoring
  • working with calculation blocks to make models easy to review (and to improve your productivity)
  • building link-based models (and avoiding daisy chains)
  • prioritising your workload using placeholders and temporary coding
  • putting in place timing flags to answer the question “when?”

Use our 18 short videos to help you practise your skills as you become familiar with best practice approaches. As your familiarity grows, appreciate how much you are benefiting from a standardised approach to model construction – and how much more productive you will be.

Need more convincing? This short video is taken from the course. Sign up for the whole course to acquire a complete set of basic model construction skills.