Capex Financial Modelling Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas projects can require investment of many billions of dollars, and can have development times of a decade or more.

The amount and timing of the capex spend are critical model inputs andĀ are therefore crucial to the decision making process. Capex modellingĀ has a huge impact on value creation and the future profitability of the project.

As a project is developed and engineered, the accuracy and level of detail of the capex estimates and the schedule of spend evolve. S-curves are widely used for modelling project capex profiles.

In this ebook we explain the origin and application of the S-curve, and provide you with flexible worked example modules in Excel, built to the FAST Standard, that you can immediately apply in your own modelling.

Topics covered in this include:

  • Project decision making
  • Estimating CAPEX
  • Modelling the S-curve
  • “What-ifs” & the changes in CAPEX / Schedule
  • Practical examples of S-curve modelling