Operational Modelling

What is operational modelling?

Operational modelling is used when monitoring the ongoing performance of a project or asset following financial close of the deal.

The primary purpose of an operational model is to give comfort to senior lenders and shareholders that the asset’s performance is meeting expectations and is not breaching the lender’s debt service covenants.

What makes a good operational model?

Purpose built
A good operational model will be purpose built for operational performance reporting rather than a ‘hacked’ version of the financial close model which is not fit for purpose.

A good operational model will be bespoke to the project and to the client.

Easy to use
A good operational model will be easy to understand, navigate and update by non- modellers.

A good operational model will be flexible so it can be easily adapted to commercial changes through the lifecycle of the asset.

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Why choose F1F9?

  • We are a leading provider of operational models across all major infrastructure sectors.
  • We have developed models for international investors and funds
  • We rigorously apply the FAST modelling standard which ensures all of our models are easy to understand, simple to navigate and flexible.
  • We work on an agile basis with our clients and tailor our models to their specific requirements. We work in partnership and will stick with you for the long term.