FAST Fundamentals

What is this course?

This course is designed for people who have made good use of all our free resources. It is the next step on the journey to mastering a rigorous, structured and transparent approach to modelling in Excel using the FAST Standard.

It will help you make connections between individual clauses in the FAST Standard and apply your knowledge to practical modelling challenges. You will learn that the FAST Standard is far greater than the sum of its parts and that it provides a holistic approach to designing and constructing spreadsheet models.

Course content includes additional videos and – more important – assessments for you to undertake so as to answer the question: “Am I ready to move on?”. You may also find these assessments helpful if you are contemplating taking the FAST Standard Organisation’s Level 1 Certificate.

What you will learn

FAST Fundamentals will help you approach real world modelling assignments from a firm foundation of skills and disciplines.

The course also includes content and
assessments that will help you prepare
for the FAST Standard Organisation’s
Level 1 Certificate.

Who should attend?

This course is for people who want to continue building up a reliable base of modelling skills using the FAST Standard. It is ideal for those who see modelling expertise as part of a portfolio of business skills or tradecraft.

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15 hours
Andrew Berkley

Online modules

  • Introductory tutorials
  • Assessment - keyboard shortcuts quiz
FAST modelling - Quick Reminders
  • Placeholders
  • Calculation blocks
  • Corkscrews
  • Row anchored links
  • Copy vs link
  • Import / export
  • Constants
  • Formatting numbers
  • Precedents and dependents
  • Editing a formula
  • F1F9 macros
  • Find and replace
  • Sign conventions
  • Sign switch
  • Counterflows
How to build a FAST model chassis
  • Setting the structure of a blank worksheet
  • Setting the time ruler
  • Setting a template worksheet
  • Building an input worksheet
  • Building a dashboard worksheet
  • Creating an escalation sheet
  • Building a time ruler
  • Biomass
  • 4 way equivalence model
  • Simple UK taxation
  • Meal supply revenue
  • Telecommunications Revenue
  • Fitness Centre
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