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Benefit from multi-sectoral insight

  • DaniePrinsloo

    Modelling for Oil & Gas

    Investments in Oil and Gas are extremely complex and capital intensive. There is a great deal of uncertainty and very long development timelines from pre-feasibility through to the investment decision and operations. Multiple people will use and rely on the economic and financial models which means they must be well built from the outset.

    Danie Prinsloo, Oil & Gas Sector Lead Find Out More
  • TobyTucker

    Modelling for Project Finance

    Getting a project finance transaction to close requires collaboration between multiple parties, all of whom rely on the model. Adopting an international modelling standard increases efficiency and reduces risk of error. We have been supporting transaction and operational modelling in the Project Finance sector since 1999.

    Toby Tucker, Project Finance Sector LeadFind Out More
  • KennyWhitelawJones


    Financial models are used in the accounting & finance departments of most corporations. Yet most models are reliant on just one or two individuals to build, operate and understand them. This is an unacceptable business risk. Building models to a recognised standard reduces risk and allows models to be shared and understood.

    Kenny Whitelaw-Jones, Corporate Modelling Sector LeadFind Out More

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  • “One of the best courses I've ever been on”Elizabeth Debevoise and Stephan Knobloch, Bankers, EBRD
  • “We got people in the organisation all working in the same way”Jerome Brice, Partner, Mazars
  • “The error margin we have in our models has gone down drastically”Robert-Jan Bakker, Senior Consultant, Deloitte