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John has 18+ years of experience and has led advisory teams on a large number of complex projects supporting both public sector procurers, private sector bidders and corporates.

Amnesia – 10 Signs Spreadsheets are Killing your Finance Function

The  following text is taken from our ebook – 10 signs spreadsheets are killing your finance function: #4 Amnesia SYMPTOMS: Last minute panic buying of birthday presents. Missed gym appointments. You hear ‘aren’t you meant to be somewhere else?’ more often than you’d like. Family members leaving curt messages on your answerphone. The school are […]

Managing Modelling: Embrace an open and honest culture

Errors will happen. It is an unfortunate fact of life, whenever humans are involved with complex data manipulation and modelling, errors occur. A financial modelling manager needs to create an environment where any member of the modelling team can feel comfortable notifying them as soon as an error or mistake is identified. Having confidence in […]

Modelling best practice – actions speak louder than words

There’s no shortage of blogs, articles and opinion pieces on how we should go about building a financial model, but they only really scratch the surface and need some imagination to go from principles to practicality. That’s why we’ve put together an example model to share with anyone who’s interested in taking a look.

New ebook: Managing Modelling

The article below is taken from our new ebook: Managing Modelling – How to run an effective modelling team – you can download the full ebook here. Modelling should be a collaborative team-based activity, not an individual activity. Building team spirit and a collaborative environment is fundamental to the role of a financial modelling manager. […]