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Getting back to the classroom

It’s with a sense of delight, relief and excitement that we announce that we're running in-person courses again this year.

A reminder: in-person courses means you get to:

travel to a venue; meet an instructor and other course participants in real...
how to model foreign exchange

Modelling foreign exchange gains and losses

If any financial modelling topic requires clear thinking then it is foreign exchange (“forex”). That’s because it calls upon domain knowledge from at least three different areas. You need to have a working understanding of accounting (noting that accounting standards in in respect of forex...
Support with building financial models

Time to call in the financial modelling experts?

Why take a driving test if you have no intention of ever driving a car? Answer: you wanted to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to confirm that this activity wasn’t for you. The more informed you are, the more likely you are to make sensible decisions. At F1F9 , we have been...
financial modelling skills - 6 that you should have

The 6 Must-Have Skills for a Successful Financial Modelling

It’s frustrating to struggle at something only to discover that, after much hard work, there was an easier way.  That’s why people seek out formal training courses in financial modelling. I frequently hear comments like: “I wish I’d done this course years ago” or “You do not...
How to use flags in financial models

Put out more flags

Every forecast model we build in F1F9 has a Time sheet: a worksheet dedicated to important dates e.g. when the model starts, when the model ends, when the project starts, when the project ends, when the project moves from one phase to another. The Time sheet is a foundation sheet: bringing together...
F1F9 live online training

F1F9 financial modelling courses now live and online

Our Live online tuition courses are typically delivered over 12 one-hour live, interactive sessions. We timetable them over a number of days to give you time to absorb and revisit the tutorials, undertake assignments and consume targeted video content. Your tutor teaches you as part of a small...
Financial modelling skills checklist

5 reasons to invest time in your basic Excel skills

I meet lots of people on F1F9 training courses who are looking to improve their financial modelling skills. Some have excellent knowledge and abilities when it comes to operating Excel: it is obvious that they have put in the practice. Others struggle. There are plenty of other skills-based activities in life where time spent acquiring the basics can open up endless possibilities - so here are five reasons why you should invest time in your basic Excel skills.
Financial modelling for renewables

Simplifying renewable energy models

While the news often paints a gloomy picture - the Amazon is burning and Germany is struggling to make the economic and social transition away from brown coal - there are plenty of reasons to cheer when one reads the degree to which renewables are providing ever more of world’s energy. This year, the UK has seen weeks where coal has played no part in the energy supply for the first time since 1882. In my eyes there’s an inherent beauty in renewables projects, a beauty drawn from their simplicity - the sun shines; the wind blows and from that we get energy. Conversely, we’ve come across financial models underpinning such projects whose complexity defies the very simplicity of what they are seeking to quantify. Read more...
data modelling blog

Deliverable Management Information Systems

Why did substantive changes to the MS Excel spreadsheet end 20 years ago? Not even a simple tweak to the LOOKUP function to allow exact-match with a FALSE argument? That on its own would unify a batch of sub-optimal approaches available through all the alternatives, with INDEX/MATCH combinations...
Data Visualisation | F1F9

Charting new territories with FAST

In my experience making a good model requires you to spend time not modelling, but talking about it instead. With my immediate team, I can talk in front of the monitor with the model on it. But other project members do not talk in columns and rows; they prefer to talk with pictures. Pictures mean...