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Saransh Dhawan joined F1F9 in April 2010 and is now part of the leadership team in F1F9’s India office. He has worked on a wide variety of projects across many different sectors with a focus on rail transportation and natural resources.

Adding actuals to a financial model

We had a great question from one of our online course subscribers asking about the design of financial models with historical data at their heart, a.k.a. “actuals”.   “This is the bit I find daunting: when you start an assignment, you don’t always have a set of actuals ready for modelling. What you’ll have is access to a […]

Five reasons to outsource financial model maintenance

We work with plenty of clients on building data-heavy enterprise models to meet their needs. The models include functionality to accommodate actual financial figures, budgets and forecasts. A recent example is a large business model with five subsidiaries. It has the ability to store budget copies and a detailed report pack, and requires an update […]