Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling

Since 2010, we’ve been teaching people in around 10 minutes per day for 31 days the basics and benefits of working with a financial modelling standard: the FAST Standard.

It’s time for something new. So we have replaced the 31 Days course with our Financial Modelling Starter Kit – a collection of learning resources that are all based on best practice and the FAST Standard, and all available to you for free:

  • Model Construction Skills – (and essential pre-course work if you join one of our live courses);
  • Previews of our video-based courses on F1F9 Academy (our learning platform);
  • A copy of “How to build a financial model” – a handy summary of the basic skills you’ll need; and
  • A copy of our example model to give you an idea of what your learning might enable you to do

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